We Care

UMEED, an initiative of One Earth Foundation, is dedicated to enriching the lives of under privileged, less fortunate and special needs children who need care, support and motivation to lead a life of dignity and grow up to fulfill their dreams. Umeed provides a loving and caring home, health care and quality education to the children under its care and supports several day care centers for children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities.
Umeed also supports small institutions and organizations that work passionately towards the welfare of special needs children.



Umeed is proud to be associated with the Muthere School,Nilgiris nearby labour settlements and tribal villages situated on the steep slopes overlooking the town of Mettupalayam. The 30 plus children that attend this school are either from landless laborer families that have migrated here from Bihar, Orissa, etc., in search of work or from the nearby Kurumbas tribal villages. We support the school in areas like infrastructure improvement, teaching materials, books & stationery,etc and work closely with the surrounding labour and tribal communities in various social initiatives.

Umeed proudly supports 14 little ones in our children s home in Coonoor. The children in this home come from destitute families or are abandoned by their parents. Our resident pastor and his wife are the caretakers who provide them with all the love and care they need at this tender age. With your support, we are able offer them a caring home, good education, healthcare and most of all, a fair hance to grow up to pursue their dreams.

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We are excited to learn about your interest in volunteering in our work.  We need all the hands and guidance we can get to make the difference we have set out to make.
Please write to us at oneearthfdn@gmail.com giving us some details about your location and background and we will contact you to see how we can work together.