Students on a School trip lend a helping hand to farmers in Sikkim

Students on a School trip lend a helping hand to farmers in Sikkim


It was day full of excitement as our students got ready to lend a hand on the farm of the family with which we were all staying.  We were 33 students with 3 accompanying teachers who moved into their farm last night under a school tour organized by  We were all happy to return the hospitality that was shown to us by the family.   After breakfast, the group was out in full force and ready for action.  We divided our group into 3 smaller groups with different work responsibilities.  The areas were they worked was

Planting of Cardamom plants
De-weeding of an existing cardamom plantation
Chopping and moving of firewood within the farm

The students also learnt about the agricultural economy of Sikkim.

The economy of Sikkim is linked with agriculture that serves as the source of livelihood and economic security of the sizeable native population. The growth, however, has been restricted because of biotic and abiotic factors. It is estimated that over 80 per cent of the rural population depends on agriculture and allied sectors for economic, food, and nutritional security.

Sikkim State has some inherent strength that largely supports organic farming. The state converted to an organic state in 2016 and the policy is followed very strictly.  In fact, we all could notice that different taste of vegetables that are grown and cooked there.  We also learnt from the farmers that they support the organic movement. There are lots of lessons to be learnt and other states can follow this example.







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