STEM PATHWAYS with Enviro Trips™

What is STEM travel?

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in mainly four disciplines- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through an interdisciplinary and applied approach. STEM integrated the four distinct fields of science into a combined learning experience based on real-world applications.
Through STEM, students involve creativity in real world problems, putting to application their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in integrated and innovative ways.STEM promotes a holistic learning and development of students into individuals.

stem Indian Architecture

robotics workshop

Why is STEM necessary?

It is predicted that in coming years approximately 75 percent of all new jobs will require qualifications and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Employer demand for graduates with these qualifications and skills is on the rise and will continue to increase as job roles diversify.While obtaining STEM related qualifications is extremely important, studying STEM subjects also provides transferable skills that are essential to competing in today’s job market.

What do we offer?

We offer curriculum linked, specially customised to fit your expectations to various locations focusing on either one or all of the four disciplines of STEM.
Our years of expertise in the field of educational travel will ensure your students a once in a lifetime opportunity that they can cherish forever. Our strenuously researched itineraries ensure safety, super comfort throughout the trip and a life changing experience.

stem Students at CERN

Our itineraries ensure that your group get s an opportunity to experience iconic locations, experiments, interactive sessions with experts, simulations, workshops and any experiential learning activity as you wish.
Our knowledge of the curriculum (state, national and International Baccalaureate, along with any other curriculum you may teach) and our consultative process, ensures that we understand the learning outcomes required.

Example experiential learning activities:

The Sciences

  • Visit Space research Institutes, interact with astronauts, try the zero gravity chambers and space mission simulations!
  • Learn about the potential career as a biologist, as you work alongside biologists and conservationists on our ecological treks to eco sensitive locations.
  • Peer into the universe of Microbiology as you visit world-class microbiology labs and watch the experts at work. Interact with the experts and get new perspectives of the micro-world.
  • Take part in Ecological restoration projects and work alongside the experts.
  • Explore the secrets of Traditional tribal medicine. Bask in immense knowledge wealth of Traditional Knowledge systems.
  • Conduct on-field experiments like soil sampling, water sampling and air sampling.
  • Discover the biomechanics of rock climbing
  • Explore the ocean deep opportunities in the field of marine biology as we go on an excursion onboard an educational vessel and explore infinite marine life from planktons to whales.
  • Understand the interconnected fragile ecosystem through our experiential treks that provide a unique opportunity to learn and understand nature.
  • Visit iconic institutes like CERN and beyond.


  • Interact with the tech savvies of leading educational institutions and bask in their knowledge.
  • Experience the world of coding and computer programming, code your own program and explore the possibilities.
  • Get initiated to the wonderful world of robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Peer into the world of nanoparticles. Observe Hands-on the physical and properties of nanoparticles with the experts of the field.
  • Understand the infinite possibilities of GIS- Geographical Imaging System.
  • Visit Radio Astronomy Centres and learn from the experts.


  • Explore the behind the scenes of iconic building and their architecture. Explore the ancient architectural legacies and the wonders of Indian architecture culture.
  • Workshops on Green technology, Green architecture and sustainable innovative solutions to real-life problems.
  • Design your own model cars and analyse your results using high speed photography and accelerometers.
  • Understand the architectural intricacies of Tribal architecture.


  • Create your own topology and geometry puzzles.
  • Interact with the experts of the field who are passionate about mathematics and learn more about the hidden wonders of mathematics.
  • Take one of several Knot Theory workshops.
  • Learn to Explore the beauty of mathematics in everything you do.
  • Get amazed by the daily life applications of mathematics.
  • Learn to appreciate the beauty of the language of universe.

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