Eastern Himalayas – Sikkim Gateway to Himalayas

Eastern Himalayas – Sikkim Gateway to Himalayas

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Eastern Himalayas – Sikkim
Gateway to the Himalayas

Sikkim Panorama


Enviro Trips™ – in its series of Super Destinations explores regions in India with exceptionally high cultural & biological diversity. We organize student tours to these treasure troves of learning & adventure

Our belief is that areas of high cultural diversity are often areas of high biological diversity. Largely because ensembles of biodiversity are developed, maintained and managed by cultural groups. Likewise, diversity of cultural practices depends upon specific elements of biodiversity for their existence and expression.  A paradigm shift is needed to restore the integrity of diversity.

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Enviro Trips™ Super Destination: Sikkim

Creative Traditions, Flourishing Cultures

The Eastern Himalayan region of Sikkim has an interfusion of diverse communities, cultures, religions and customs. It is home to friendly tribes like the Lepchas, Bhutias and Kirat Rai. A perfect example of unity in diversity. Come engage & learn.


Floral Diversity of Sikkim

India is one of the 12 mega diversity centres of the world. One of the 34 biodiversity hotspots of the World is the Eastern Himalaya. Sikkim covering just 0.2 % of the geographical area of the country has 26% of the country’s total biodiversity.

The State harbours over 5500 flowering plants, 557 Orchids, 38 Rhododendrons, 16 Conifers, 28 Bamboos, 362 Ferns and its allies, 9 Tree Ferns, 30 Primulas, 11 Oaks, 1681 Medicinal plants.

Enviro Trips Eastern Himalayas Flora (2)

Amazing Fauna of Sikkim

Nowhere in the World, in such a small area there exists such diversity of Fauna -144+ mammals, 568 Birds, 48 Fishes, and over 689 Butterflies and 7000 species of Moths.

Enviro Trips Eastern Himalayas Fauna (9)

Trip Highlights

Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary: Explore the flora & Fauna of Eastern Himalayas. An ecological trek will give our students the unique opportunity to explore the Himalayan flora & fauna.

Enchey Monastery: Legend has it that the land on which the monastery is put up is believed to be blessed by respected tantric master Druptob Karpo. The striking monastery is home to around 90 monks.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology: The NIT library holds one of the largest collections of Tibetan works in the world outside Tibet and a museum of Tibetan iconography and religious art.

Tsomgo Lake (12,300 ft) The Lake; popular as Changu lake among the locals, is the revered river of the Sikkimese people that also carries special significance for the faith healers (Jhakris) of the state.

Nathu La (Indo China Border @ 14,150 ft): Nathula Pass forms a part of an offshoot of the Old Silk Road.

Yakten (The unexplored Sikkim): Our students will spend a day in this very unexplored part of Sikkim and learn about the lives, culture and traditions of the local people. An amazing day trip which includes treks, village surveys, meals with local communities and lots more.

The Organic Mission of Sikkim: Sikkim is India’s very first Organic State and there are lessons for all to learn from the efforts and achievements of this project.

Ravangala: The small, ridge-top settlement of Ravangla is home to the Buddha Park. Students will visit Kewzing – inhabited by the Bhutia community of Sikkim and the village, with traditional houses that stand out for their colourful tinned roofs, green backyards and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Lots more to do here

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› Customized & theme based itineraries
› Ideal duration is 4 – 7 nights stay
› Suitable for students from grades 8th till 12th
› Ideal group size is from 20 to 45 participants
› Point of arrival is well connected Bagdogra airport
› High ecological action & cultural engagement

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