Odisha Calling: Temples, Tribes, Beaches & Wildlife

Odisha Calling: Temples, Tribes, Beaches & Wildlife

A favourite destination for adventurous travellers, Odisha (Orissa) rewards those who make the effort to stray off the beaten track with an intricate patchwork of archaeological wonders, fascinating tribal culture, and natural beauty, along with an old-fashioned sprinkling of sun and sand.

The land of temples, indigenous arts, cultures, festivals and unique environment and wildlife has so much to offer. Their temples are archaeological wonders with detail carvings, their art forms are so unique to their land and their festivals draw no parallels, it’s like nothing we have seen before. Some of EnviroTrips favourite places to visit are

Sun Temple – Konark: This temple was constructed in the mid 13th century by the ruling king as a celebration of his victory. The name Konark derives from the Sanskrit words ‘Kona’ and ‘ark’ which mean ‘angle’ and ‘the Sun’ respectively, and the temple is dedicated to Sun God Surya.

Chilka Lake – A brackish water lagoon, Chilika Lake is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds, on the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the hotspots of biodiversity in the country.

Puri Area – Puri is one of the most sacred pilgrim centres for the Hindus in the country and is also referred to as Jagannath (Lord of the Universe) owing to the famous Jagannath temple located here.

Raghurajpur – This is a must-visit when we go to puri – a heritage crafts village which is known for its master Pattachitra painters, an art form which dates back to 5 BC in the region.

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