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CAS educational trips by Enviro Trips™ go beyond the limits of a normal educational field trip.  Students will explore, study and actively participate to learn about native communities, ecologist, traditional knowledge systems and local social & environmental issues of global relevance.  These trips require enthusiastic participation and are high learning and high impact engagements.  This is an opportunity to transform their CAS experience into something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Travel Explore Experience Learn

Some Highlights (expect a lot more….)

Agricultural Crisis in India

Study & Explore Agricultural Crisis in India

  • Visit agricultural belts
  • Study farming practices and crops of the region
  • Interview with native farmers
  • Understand the farm supply chains
  • Are farmers getting a fair price?

Clean Rivers, Lakes & Forests Campaign

  • Study the water crisis in India
  • Pollution of Rivers, Lakes & Forests
  • Explore sources of Pollution and potential solutions
  • Interview local stakeholders
  • Conduct clean Rivers, Lakes & Forests Drives

Camping by The Ganges

Communities and tribes in CAS School Trip

Engage with Local Communities & Tribes

  • Reach out to remote villages
  • Conduct surveys on Health, Education & Livelihoods
  • Study local customs & traditions
  • Highlight key issues to local administration
  • Interview village leaders & elders
  • And lots more…

FUN in CAS School Field trip

Camp Activities are loads of Fun

  • Engage in fun and challenging camp activities
  • Explore flora & fauna around the base camp area
  • Lean about outdoors survival skills
  • Pitch tents and engage in team games
  • Sleep under the stars

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