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How to Plan a School Trip

At Enviro TripsTM we make planning your next school trip easy. Here is a step by step guide from the point when you have your travel dates in hand. Its plan school trip guide

How to plan school trip | call us

Step 1

Pick up the phone and give us a call or just email us. You may just be wanting to know more about Enviro TripsTM and we will be happy to share with you any information that you may need. If you happen to already be in the initial planning stage, share some basic information with us regarding destination preference, grade of students that will participate in the trip, approximate number of participants, the duration you may have in mind, intended dates of travel and any specific learning objectives.

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cost estimate for school trip

Step 2

Once we know your preferences and some basic information as listed in Step 1, we will revert to you with the following

  1. An introductory mail about Enviro TripsTM by One Earth Foundation (usually for first time schools)
  2. A detailed mail on our proposed itinerary and cost estimate per participant.

Armed with the information about Enviro TripsTM, a tentative itinerary and cost estimate, you are free to clarify any doubts. Share this with your colleagues or school management and seek a go ahead.

school trip confirmation call by Envirotrips

Step 3

Give us a confirmation call or mail confirming the trip, dates and approximate number of participants. We will immediately block accommodation. The process of fine-tuning the itinerary will go on in consultation with the concerned subject teachers or trip accompanying teachers.

Safety, Security to student in school trip

Step 4

You are ready to now reach out to parents with the proposed trip details and sign up students. You will soon receive the following from us

  1. Our Safety, Security & Risk document
  2. Our Indemnity Bond that should be signed off by the school or by the parents /guardians of each participant
  3. Copy of our Invoice.

parents and teachers discussion for trip

Step 5

Interactive sessions: Interactive sessions with parents and teachers

How to Plan a School Trip step 6

Step 6

Transportation: If your school is making arrangements for transportation till the nearest point to our base camp, please share the details with us to make necessary pick up arrangements. In case you want us to do the travel bookings, please let us know upfront so we can do the needful.

How to Plan a School Trip at lowest cost

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