Environmentalism in Music

Environmentalism in Music

It is our responsibility to protect the environment and to help mother nature as she has always helped us. On June 5th every year we celebrate World Environment Day. Things we should do today and should be doing every day are stuff like conserving energy by not spending too much fuel using reusable and biodegradable products etcetera. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun while doing these things. Here are some songs you can listen to while helping the environment to motivate you to continue the amazing work that you are doing.

1. Earth song by Michael Jackson
This song shines a light on so many factors which take a toll on our mother earth. Listening to it may help us realise how we can improve ourselves in terms of protecting our environment.

2. Radioactive by imagine dragons
This song talks about a post-apocalyptic world full of chemicals and gases. Due to some radioactive disaster, the world has entered a new age and this song describes what it would be like in the new world we might have to live in.

3. Earth by lil dicky
Though this song is by Lil dicky, not only him, a lot of other famous artists and other personalities take part in the song. They each impersonate different species and sing about why and how they are important to the earth. In the chorus, everyone sings “we love the earth, this is our planet. We love the earth, this is our home”. We can clearly see that these lyrics depict the feelings that all human beings and other animals, birds etc feel about the planet. His lyrics ring true in every way possible.

4. What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong
In his song he talks about blue skies, rainbows, trees, stars etc, depicting just how beautiful the world is. The song is instantly recognisable because of its popularity and the usage of the tune in many famous movies.

5. In this together by Ellie Goulding
In her song, the singer expresses how she thinks we are all in this together and how if we change our ways, we can change the world. She is talking about climate change and how it is now or never and if we don’t act at this moment and change how we treat our environment, we can prevent much damage and turn the wheel in the direction climate change is headed.


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