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we’ve got the knack!

To all well-meaning HR guys responsible for organizing team building programs or Corporate Tours – you may  have the best intentions when planning such activities, yet they can be counterproductive if not executed properly—disrupting trust, heightening tensions, and allowing cynicism to grow in the workplace.

An entire industry has developed around such programs – from ropes courses, wilderness programs, and paintball to ice breakers, trust exercises, and coaching sessions based on questionable personality tests.  Aren’t you fed up??  Almost all service providers seems to be pitching high priced programs and touting amazing performance improvements.

Enviro TripsTM To the rescue!

Quite frankly, we don’t bother with ropes, obstacle courses or asking you to catch your falling colleague (simply not sure of your intentions….) – we simply let you have loads of fun together, relax and unwind. Oh yes, “the fun together” is while you enjoy some amazing activities under quite unsupervised conditions and in the most breathtaking locations. The “relax & unwind” bit is in the evenings, by the bonfire over tall drinks. Interested?? Read on….

Before we move on – may be a good thought to let you know we don’t really care about your BMI (body mass index) when asking you to join in our activities and really don’t expect you to sleep on hard, freezing ground in a tent on a cold winter evening. In other words, we are daytime cowboys & cowgirls and insist on being served by a butler in the evenings. Can you handle that?

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