Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon with water spread ranging from 1165 sq km m the rainy season to 906 sq km in the dry season is nestled in the heart of the coastal Odisha (Orissa). Chilika Lake¬†extends from Bhusandpur in Puri district in the North to Rambha-Malud in Ganjan district in the South, separated from the Bay of Bengal by a 60 km long narrow strip of marshy islands and sand-flats.

Chilika is recognized as one of the most important wetlands in the world because it is home to a phenomenal variety of birds. Chilika Lake offers visitors a spectacular display of its colorful avian charms in a thousand different hues presented by over 160 species in the peak season between November and February. The lake and its reed islands teem with nesting birds-white bellied sea eagles, ospreys, golden plovers, sand pipers, flamingos, pelicans, shovellers, gulls, include migratory ones flying great distances from Iran, Central Asia and Siberia.

Chilika Lake trip

Chilika Lake Nature trip to students

The area also proves an eminent witness of an array of avifaunal varieties, both native and migrant as their winter stopover to make this area most formidable in India. There are also fisheries and salt pans around its shores.


Of late, slightly reduced number of birds owing to growth in prawn farming as well as silting and reduced salinity has alarmed the conservationists. The plying of mechanized boats, the increasing of different fishing nets and gears has threatened the flagship species of the Chilika lagoon, the Irrawady dolphin.

School Travel Highlights

Culture Ecology Community

  • Interact with the native fishermen folk of Mangalajodi village
  • Take several early morning boat rides into the wetlands of Chilka to document the birds of the region
  • Study the migratory avifauna in the region
  • Explore the threats to this very ecologically sensitive wetland area and its fragile ecosystem
  • Understand the role of local communities in preserving the Chilka ecosystem and also in conservation of the birdlife
  • And many more….

Chilika Lake Orissa study the culture

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