It is also called as Elephant Hills. It is a range of mountains in the Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu, located along the Western Ghats, lying between 10° 13′ and 10° 31′ N. and 76° 52′ and 77° 23′ E. It is also the tallest of the hills in South India that rises up to 8850 ft. The geological formation is of metamorphic gneiss, veined with feldspars and quartz, and interspersed with reddish porphyrites. The Lower slopes yield valuable teak and other timber. In some areas, coffee plantations are a common sight. The area was notified as Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary in 1974 and established in 1976.

There is a 30 Km wide gap [big break in the Western Ghat mountain range] between the Nilgiri Hills to the north and the Anamalai Hills to the South that straddles the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border and serves as a major communication route between them. Highways and Rail Transport connect Palghat with Coimbatore and Pollachi. This huge gap is called as Palghat Gap.

Anamalai Hills shool trip

Agricultural Crisis in India


There are many places which makes Anamalai hills a famous tourist, the first and most important one among them is Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary; also known as Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which is very famous all around the world, for its exhibition of wide varieties of wild life. he sanctuary acts as the core of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The wildlife sanctuary covers about 958 km2 of the whole Anamalai hills.  The spot is located about 90 km from Coimbatore.

Another one of the popular regions in the Anamalai Hills is the Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp, which is better known as the Elephant Training Centre. The elephant camp accomadates about 50 Malisar tribal families in the Camp. This tribes are well known for their skills in training Asian elephants. The tourists are allowed to travel through the camp via forest jeep, which is provided by the forest department authorities. In order to visit the camp, tourist must get special permission from the forest rainforests at the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.Anamalai hills is a shrine for natural lovers, with mesmerizing views and breath taking sceneries.

Student Tour Highlights

Culture Ecology Community

  • Visiting tea plantations and doing a soil study
  • Understanding the different art forms: Fire Dance and regional dance, Kathakali
  • Interactions with native people to understand the culture
  • Study of flora and fauna typical to the region and many more activities
  • Understand the need for sustainable living and tourism
  • Explore the differences and practical aspects of Organic vs. Intensive farming: a hands-on field experience
  • Actively participate in our Students for Clean Forests campaign,
  • Survey villages and tribal hamlets
  • Provide clean water solutions to remote hill villages.  Understand the Global Water crisis:

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