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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

Handpicked Destinations

A lot of research goes into shortlisting and finally inducting a destination into our travel itinerary. The key factors that we review are ease of access, biodiversity in the regions flora and fauna, the presence of native communities, rich history and culture of the people, etc. To highlight this – the Western Ghats in the peninsular India is one of our destinations.

Parts of it are World Heritage Site, it is home to over 30 tribal communities, encompasses some last remaining native rain forests and has over 20 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries within it. Think of the immense exploring and learning opportunities.

At Enviro Trips we take the safety and security of our participants extremely seriously.

At Enviro Trips we take the safety and security of our participants extremely seriously.

Safety & Security

At Enviro TripsTM we take the safety and security of our participants extremely seriously. We do not take any chances at all. All aspects like meals, accommodation, travel modes, activities, trekking routes, availability of medical assistance, etc are considered and taken into account while planning any tour and activity.

Over the past years we have evolved a strict safety and security regime that is documented in our Safety, Security & Risk document.  The same is shared with the participating institutions, teachers and parents for every trip that is planned.  We urge all participants to review this and revert if they have any queries or concerns.

Customized & Theme based Field Trips

At Enviro TripsTM we don’t start with an itinerary and try and sell it to our partner schools.  It is after discussion with the concerned school staff that we propose a travel itinerary.  Most often this takes into account the age profile of students, their interests and overall objectives of the trip.

Additionally, we take great care to see that our trips and the activities within them tie into interesting themes to make learning more interesting and impactful.  Our Broad themes are

Explore: The mission of the trip is to explore the native lands, its people, their cultures and heritage.

Engage:  We encourage students to connect with the land, its ecology and its people more closely and this can be done through field studies, surveys, interviews, preparing documentaries, etc.

Impact:  Finally, based on the understanding that our students have of a regions ecological, social and environmental issues, we encourage them to have an impact through either activism or volunteering

Some sub-themes that are the objective of day activities may be

  • Sustainable tourism and ecologically sensitive areas,
  • Tribal communities and livelihood challenges
  • Organic vs intensive farming
  • Forests and indigenous people
  • Tribal customs and practices
  • Native vs Invasive species
  • Arts & crafts of indigenous people
  • and many more….

field trips Customized & Theme based Field Trips

students Field Trips Customized & Theme based Field Trips

Curricula linked themes for our trips

We are glad to engage students in general field trips where the objectives are to explore and have a good time.  These are usually post examinations or in breaks.  Additionally, we are quick to understand if themes need to be curricula linked.  Teacher who are planning trips around topics that are being studied by trip participants in class, find our trips exceptionally useful.  We successfully connect classroom learning with the outside World.  CAS or ESS under IBDP, Global Contexts or Service & Action under MYP, EVM or Geography under IG – we can build customized activities that add tremendously to the overall learning of the students.

Local Subject Matter Expertise

As we travel, we engage the services of local experts in the area of our study.  These could be guides to historical places, tribal guides, local land cover experts, native fauna specialists, etc.  We aim to provide our students with accurate and in-depth knowledge of any area we cover.  We understand that not all students may have an interest to go deep into every topic covered.  Yet our objective is to ensure that we are able to satisfy the knowledge seekers.

 students Field Trips | Customized & Theme based Field Trips

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