About us

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.”


Enviro Trips™ is an initiative by One Earth Foundation – an ecological action & community service trust. Enviro Trips™ seeks to sensitize and connect young minds to the natural wealth and cultural diversity of our country.

WHAT WE DO In Educational Travel?

At Enviro TripsTM, we are proud to state that we are the pioneers and leaders in customized, theme based and curriculum linked educational tours in India. We customize for all curricula and levels– IB, IG, AICE and CBSE/ICSE.

Educational Tours for school students


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” — Saint Augustine

We believe that educational travel are all about meticulously planned travel itineraries to destinations that offer high learning possibilities, immense opportunities for self-development and to reinforce learning by exploring, engaging & impacting.

Our educational student trips are very carefully designed for students to experience and gain insight into their classroom learning of places, People, Culture and works of art they’ve learnt.


Connecting Classrooms to the outside World

At Enviro Trips, students connect what they’ve learned in the classroom with what they’re seeing and experiencing firsthand, for a richer and more nuanced understanding.

Imagine reading about primitive tribes and then being amongst them, studying wetlands and then standing alongside one, being told about ancient wisdom of native communities and then experiencing medicines being extracted from plants in the forest, witnessing forest dwellers gather honey from beehives on cliffs and understanding the importance of forests and livelihoods – these are connections for life and lessons for eternity.

Exploring Nature & Ecology of regions helps understand the fragility of our blue planet

One of the core themes of our school field trips is to explore the nature and ecology of regions to which we travel.  Students get to walk in the native forests, grasslands and land covers exploring its flora & fauna.  Strong impressions are made while experiencing degraded forests, dried up streams, human trash in pristine forests and rivers.  One begins to question and to seek solutions.  The message comes through loud and clear – we have only one home and nowhere else to go.

Different Students learn differently

Over the years we have come to believe that one size does not fit all.  All students are learners – only they learn differently.  Some are lingual learners, some spatial, some experiential. Our activities are planned in such a manner that we carry all together offering a mix of learning experiences that appeal to every type of learner.

People, Cultures & Heritage: Exploring and recognizing diversity offers unforgettable learning

The Blue Mountains in South India (one of our destinations) is home to 6 primitive tribal groups. Our students get an opportunity to trek up to their small hamlets with rainbow huts to conduct their surveys and learn about their history, culture and modern day challenges. The challenges faced by these communities are quite similar to those faced by over 400 million tribal and indigenous communities across the World.  A single filed visit can transform local experiences into a global context.  Studying and experiencing their art, crafts, music, dance and ceremonies creates unforgettable memories and develops a deep respect for native people.

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