5 reasons WHY outdoors education & Student Travel MATTERS

5 reasons WHY outdoors education & Student Travel MATTERS

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Here is what surveys have to say about outdoors education, student travel and why is it needed…..

1) Some learn in classrooms but most students are Kinesthetic learners – learn by touch, feel & do.  Active, kinesthetic learning is not only more memorable, but has also been proven to improve concentration and behavior.

2) It Promotes cooperation & teamwork.  This cooperation and teamwork encourages peer relationships and team problem-solving while students work towards a common goal.

3) Students learn they are part of a whole – Community Stewardship.  Exploring their local environment gives students an appreciation and awareness for their community, which causes them to act more consciously.  Perhaps seeing that polluted stream will make children take pause before dumping things down their storm drain, and they can inspire others in the community.

4) Academic Performance: surprised that outdoor lessons / environmental education programs are shown to boost understanding of scientific concepts. In a nation that is increasingly asked to better prepare students for STEM careers, we cannot afford to overlook this information.

5) Develops Real World problem solving & Critical Thinking.  Students need to learn critical thinking skills in order to help society solve a plethora of issues in which there is no “right answer”.

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